10Mhz Fiberoptic Receiver

The receiver will accurately condition a wide range of light inputs at up to 10 Mhz data rates. The optical signal is detected by the PIN photodiode and amplified by a broadband fed-back stage, Q1-Q3. A second, similar, stage gives further amplification. The output of this stage (Q5's collector) biases a 2-way peak detector (Q6-Q7). The maximum peak is stored in Q6's emitter capacitor while the minimum excursion is retained in Q7's emitter capacitor. The dc value of Q5's output signal's mid-point appears at the junction of the 0.005uF capacitor and the 22M ohm unit. This point will always sit midway between the signal excursions, regardless of absolute amplitude. This signal-adaptive voltage is buffered by the low bias LT1012 to set the trigger voltage at the LT1016's positive input. The LT1016's negative input is biased directly from Q5's collector.

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10Mhz Fiberoptic Receiver - Circuitos de Electronica