Wireless Telephone Eavesdropper

The IR transmitter connects to a telephone circuit, and transmits both sides of all telephone conversations to any line-of-sight location, within 40 feet. No power is taken from the central office, as long as all phones remain on-hook. The current flows through the phone and back to the central office, thereby keying their equipment. We tap into the telephone line by connecting the IR transmitter circuit in series with either the tip or ring. When the telephone is off-hook, current will flow through the diode bridge polarity protector and supply the power for the IR transmitter. The phone's audio information is taken off the line by transformer T1. The 1000-W winding of the transformer connects to a two-stage transistor audio amplifier/modulator. A 2000-W potentiometer could be added to the input of the two-stage amplifier to control the modulation level, and another potentiometer could be added in place of R3 to adjust the
IR's idle current.

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Wireless Telephone Eavesdropper - Circuitos de Electronica