Integrated circuit U1 is connected as a low-frequency asymmetrical oscillator. Its output is inverted by Q1 and fed to the reset terminal of U2 at pin 5. Integrated circuit U2 is configured as an audio oscillator and is enabled when the output of U1 is low. With the voltage at pin 5 of U2 constant, the circuit just "bleeps."
The voltage across capacitor C1 is fed to the base of Q2, which turns it on and grounds pin 5 of U2. When the frequency of the reset signal on pin 4 falls, the output frequency of U2 rises. The output then becomes a whoop, starting low in frequency and ending high. Resistor R1 sets the repetition rate and R2 determines the time duration of the whoop. Resistors R3 and R4 set the center-operating frequency.
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Whooper - Circuitos de Electronica