VLF Converter

The VLF Converter can be used to pick up signals for the general coverage of shortwave receivers. A number of unusual signals can be heard on frequencies below 15 kHz. This converter will convert frequencies from 0 to 250 kHz to 3500 to 3750 kHz so that the LF- and VLF-band segments can be received on an amateur or shortwave receiver that covers 3500 to 400 kHz. Signals from a short whip antenna (8 to 10 feet) are coupled through low-pass filter L1/L2/C2/C3 to RF amp Q1. Q3 mixes these signals with a 3.5-MHz signal from Q2 and associated components C4, R5, R4 and 3.5-MHz XTAL. L3 is an RF choke that presents an inductive load to Q3. It should be resonant somewhat above 3.5 MHz when placed in the circuit. An adjustable coil of about 30 to 100uH should be sufficient. The converter output is taken from the emitter of Q3 through C6.

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