Phase-Shift Oscillator

Circuit uses a simple RC network to produce an exceptionally shrill tone from a miniature speaker. With the parts values shown, the circuit oscillates at a frequency of 3.6 kHz and drives a miniature 2-1/2" speaker with ear-piercing volume. The output waveform is a square wave with a width of 150 us, sloping rise and fall times, and a peak-to-peak amplitude of 4.2 volts (when powered by 9 volts). Current drain of the oscillator is 90 mA at 9 volts, and total power dissipation at this voltage is 0.81 watt, which is well below the 1.25 watts the 14-pin version will absorb (at room temperature) before shutting down.
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Phase-Shift Oscillator - Circuitos de Electronica