Intermittent Windshield Wiper With Dynamic Braking

The circuit provides a delayed windshield wiping, and dynamic braking of wiper blades when they reach the rest position. This prevents the blades from overshooting, which might cause them to stop at a point where they interfere with the drivers' vision.

With the original wiper switch off, switch S1A turns on the delay circuit and S1B disconnects the original automotive wiring. When S1 is turned off, the original wiring controls the system and the delay circuit is bypassed.

Turning S1 on applies the +12-V battery to U1 which is a voltage doubler that produces +18V. This higher voltage supply is necessary to ensure reliable turn on of Q1 by multivibrator U2. This arrangement provides about +18V to the gate of Q1, whose source is +12V minus the Vds drop of Q1.

Q1 remains on for a time determined by the WIPES potentiometer. The interval between wipes is controlled by the PAUSE control. When C1 drops below +4 V, U2 fires, turning Q1 on and restarting the cycle.

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Intermittent Windshield Wiper With Dynamic Braking - Circuitos de Electronica