DC/DC Converter Circuit With 3.3 and 5V Outputs

Input voltages can range from 8 V to 30 V. The load range on the 5V is 0.05A to 5A while the 3.3-V load range is 0.1A to 1A. The circuit is self-protected under no-load conditions. Over all load and line conditions, including cross regulation, the 3.3-V output varies from 3.25V to 3.27V. The 5-V output varies from 4.81V to 5.19V under the same conditions.

In a typical application to 0.5A on the 3.3V and 0.25A on the 5V, efficiency is typically 76%. With an input voltage of 30V and a full-load condition, the efficiency drops to 66%. In normal operating regions, efficiency is always better then 70%. The 5-V ripple is less then 75mV and the 3.3-V ripple less then 50mV over all line and load conditions.

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DC/DC Converter Circuit With 3.3 and 5V Outputs - Circuitos de Electronica