AGC System For Audio Signals

This circuit is an AGC system for audio-frequency signals. AGC systems usually consist of three parts: an amplifier, rectifier, and controlled impedance. In this circuit the functions of an amplifier and a rectifier are performed by a single op amp. This makes the system simple and cheap. The rectifier is made with the output push-pull cascade of the op amp and Rs, RL, and CB. The transistor Q1 and D1 are used as a voltage-controlled resistance (Z). The input signal is (Z+R1)/Z times, diminished by the voltage divider and 1+R2/R1 times, amplified by the op amp. C2 eliminates influence of dc bias voltage. R3 protects Q1 and D1 from excessive current.

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AGC System For Audio Signals - Circuitos de Electronica